Inside Out (2015) - Exclusive Sneak Peek

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He’s so beautiful…

OTP: Grariel (Grimsby x Ariel)

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Oh, right. The marathon. The marathon for Disneyland, the marathon chosen especially to run around Disneyland, Disneyland’s marathon. That marathon? - Imgur

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The best costume spotted at Disneyland’s 10k race today. [adamlc6]


Hey guys!

My brother contacted me a few days ago about a great cause for a local girl in his area (Souther Oregon). She is 15 years old and has an incurable cancer called Myofibroblastic Sarcomas (so rare, there’s not even good info on a google search about it.) It is extremely rare, and debilitating. 

One of her last dreams while she still has the strength is to go to Disneyland. Locals of Oregon are rushing to get this done within two weeks (thus the Sept 14 date on the ticket) because they fear after this time frame, she will no longer have the strength to go.

As you all know, as I know most of you FROM Disneyland, or having a Disney blog - Disneyland is the one place where you can go and NOT FEEL your problems. There is TRULY magic in this place. Every person who wants to visit Disneyland SHOULD be able to, especially someone like Hailey.

If you can please signal boost this, or if you’d like to donate to this cause and buy a raffle ticket please contact me via my ask box! 

Greatly appreciated, and I’m sure Hailey would thank you for helping make her dream come true!

(The ticket above reads:

Hailey Marie is 15 years old. She was diagnosed with Myofibrobiastic Sarcoma in January 2014. Although doctors say that the cancer is NOT CURABLE, Hailey is fighting with everything she’s got. One of Hailey’s dreams is to visit Disneyland. Please HELP us make Hailey’s dream come true by purchasing a Raffle Ticket or Making a Donation. On behalf of Hailey’s Family and Friends THANK YOU!”)


Vintage Mulan backpack found on lessthanzero Etsy Page 

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30 Days Challenge: Day 14 (favorite kiss)

"Go on !", Professor Archimedes Porter (Tarzan)

I love this kiss. Not only because the scenery and the colors are beautiful, but also because of the meaning of it. Jane’s always been a good girl: she’s a single woman, who’s always been living with her old father, a professor, so she must be cultivated, with a great future ahead. She’s the kind of girl who follows the rules. But that’s not who she really is, that’s what she’s supposed to be according to society. The real Jane Porter is an adventurous artist. The main difference between England and the jungle is that in the jungle, she can be her true self, and furthermore, with the man she loves.

But she can’t stay because she’s never done any crazy thing in her life - and you can tell that just seeing her giggling after kissing Tarzan, all of this is new to her - and she’s afraid of the unknown. But when her father tells her that nothing can stop her from staying, she realizes that she truely has the opportunity to choose to be herself over what she’s supposed to be. So when she jumps, she’s not only happy because she will stay with Tarzan. She’s happy that she gives herself the right to stop being the studious perfect girl, and start being Jane Porter. So there she is, taking her own destiny in her own hands, freeing her hair and jumping in the water because she wants to, not because she has to. She laughs because she is going to kiss the man she loves, and because she is going to live the life she chose for herself, and from now on, no one will be able to stop her. 




If Belle never found the castle…

A thousand times reblog

this will destroy me every single time

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Disney Villains at the Villains Unleashed event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (photos by Inside the Magic)


baby: w...w...w..
mom: water? wash? what?
baby: w....w-we....Welcome! Foolish Mortals, to the Haunted Mansion, I am your host, your ghost host. Hmmmm. Our tour begins here, in this gallery. Here where you see paintings of some of our guests, as they appeared in their corruptible, mortal state. Kindly step all the way in please, and make room for everyone. There's no turning back now...
Your cadaverous palour, betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense a disquieting metamorphosis. Is this Haunted room actually stretching? Or is it your imagination, hmm? And consider this dismaying observation, this chamber has no windows, and no doors. Which offers you this chilling challenge, to find a way out! Of course, there's always my way...